AIS system for the French Government

Elman has completed, within the allotted time and with positive results, the in-house testing phase of the new “AIS LSS” system for the French Government.

“AIS LSS” (Automatic Identification SystemLogical Shore Station) system provides the monitoring of AIS data throughout the entire French national territory.

Once the project is completed, the AIS LSS system will allow real-time acquisition and distribution of AIS data collected by stations located on mainland France as well as overseas territories.

The AIS LSS is one of a kind system, capable of managing, controlling, monitoring and distributing an exceptionally large amount of AIS data with minimal delays and high safety standards, in accordance with the restrictive conditions expressly required by the agreement with the Ministry of the Sea.

The French AIS network will thus be the most advanced monitoring network of commercial naval traffic that will allow national and international authorized authorities to take advantage of data to improve the safety of navigation and route control.

The system will in fact exchange data with the EMSA MARE∑ (Mediterranean AIS Regional Exchange System) and NorthSea (Northern Seas AIS data exchange system), directly providing the concerned vessels with the necessary information on safety and navigation, being interconnected with critical systems (national security, weather, transport, etc.).

The system will also be equipped with Artificial Intelligence modules to broaden the response to the detection of anomalous behavior of vessels, identifying any problems during navigation or unauthorized/dangerous behaviors thanks to algorithms implemented and by the ELMAN Research and Development department.