ELMAN at 1° AHMC Seminar


ELMAN will take part in the first Seminar of the African Harbour Masters Committee: AHMCS 2023. For many years ELMAN has been collaborating with the authorities responsible for the safety of life at sea in African countries. It is no coincidence that ELMAN is present with its systems in Morocco, Libya, Algeria, Angola, Egypt, Kenya,… Continue reading ELMAN at 1° AHMC Seminar

New eMUS terminal


ELMAN presented the new eMUS terminal for VoIP communications centralization systems. The operator terminal allows remote control of traditional radio equipment (HF, VHF, UHF). The operator can interact with the resources thanks to the support of a touch-screen display. The terminal allows point-to-point communications with other operators connected to the network, radio communications, telephone calls… Continue reading New eMUS terminal

Port of Aden VTMIS

Port of Aden VTMIS

ELMAN has successfully completed the project activities for the supply and installation of the Vessel Traffic Management Information System (VTMIS) for the control tower of the port of Aden (Yemen). The list of equipment, software and services provided by ELMAN includes: – Supply and installation of two AIS base stations (ELMAN ABT-1103 + BCS-1135) –… Continue reading Port of Aden VTMIS

Vespucci and the USS Bush aircraft carrier

“An extraordinary encounter in the waters of the Adriatic. On the one hand, a sailing ship, with the poetry of navigation. On the other, a nuclear aircraft carrier, with the power of technology. But it was the US aircraft carrier H. W. Bush who recognized the timeless charm of the Amerigo Vespucci: “You are the… Continue reading Vespucci and the USS Bush aircraft carrier

GMDSS all-in-one Platform

ELMAN has released a new video that shows the main features of the GMDSS all-in-one platform for administrations and authorities responsible for safety and safeguarding life at sea. ELMAN has developed throughout the years a long term experience in the design and development of complex GMDSS systems, on Italian and International markets. ELMAN know-how is… Continue reading GMDSS all-in-one Platform

When electronics are art

In May the artist Rossella Biscotti presented the performance “The Journey“. ELMAN has made available to the artist some of its products, which the performer has really used during the artistic journey that led her to this final exhibition. Sailing in the Mediterranean, Rossella Biscotti used the AIS CAS-1103 transponder and the TUNA tracking unit.… Continue reading When electronics are art

New patrol boats of the Guardia di Finanza

Two new modern patrol boats, the V.8000 interceptor and the fast RHIB V.1301, were presented at the Aeronaval Operational Department (ROAN) of Bari. Both will enter service immediately. In the “Raffaele Vitiello” barracks in the Apulian capital, headquarters of the Naval Station of the Guardia di Finanza of Bari, the ceremony for the delivery of… Continue reading New patrol boats of the Guardia di Finanza

Training courses for Coast Guard personnel

In recent weeks, the technical staff of the Italian Coast Guard is taking part in an in-depth course on the communication systems used by the Corps, supplied and installed by ELMAN. The course is held at the ELMAN headquarters in Pomezia and is focused on the SRT Italia network. SRT is the network of remotely… Continue reading Training courses for Coast Guard personnel

Hydrocarbon detection system in Koper

ELMAN has recently installed a system for the automatic detection of hydrocarbon leaks at sea for the Port of Koper (Slovenia). The port of Koper is a very modern and competitive port that is increasing its traffic of goods and passengers very quickly: it has an important terminal for the storage of hydrocarbons and other… Continue reading Hydrocarbon detection system in Koper

Coast guard RHIB for Italian GdF

The first coastal patrol boat RHIB, capable of reaching 60 knots, has been delivered, as part of the new V1300 class of the Italian Guardia di Finanza. These are units that make speed and maneuverability their strong point, designed for coastal control and the fight against illegal activities. ELMAN is present on board with its… Continue reading Coast guard RHIB for Italian GdF