IALA Symposium 2021

ELMAN takes part in the 14th IALA Symposium to be held in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, from 12 to 16 April 2021. This IALA Symposium provides in a 5-day online programme full of opportunities for organizational, operational, technical and industrial maritime managers and experts from all over the world to present, share knowledge and discuss innovative… Continue reading IALA Symposium 2021

Opening ceremony for the Koper VTMIS Center

In the presence of the Slovenian authorities and the press, the new VTMIS center in Koper was inaugurated. The system, created by ELMAN, includes the integration of the most modern sensors for the control of maritime traffic. Specifically, there are: 3 solid state radars 2 long-range cameras equipped with a thermal sensor AIS Base stations… Continue reading Opening ceremony for the Koper VTMIS Center


Elman presented the new TUNA: tracking unit and navigational aid. The terminal is an all-in-one multimode (AIS, GSM, Satellite) device. The TUNA is part of the new Elman fleet monitoring and management system (VMS).   The main features of the TUNA include: Autonomy over a week Possibility of charging via integrated solar cells Bluetooth communication… Continue reading New TUNA

Myanmar Coastal GMDSS

ELMAN developed a solution for the Coastal Radio Stations for the Myanmar Ministry of Communications commissioned by our local partner. The System is composed by a VHF marine band transceivers, AIS base stations, MF/HF transceivers and NAVTEX transmitting system, including monitor receivers. The System is based upon IP technology. The supplied network complies with all… Continue reading Myanmar Coastal GMDSS

European Maritime Single Window

Elman, in joint venture with Ernst & Young, was awarded with the European call for the study and implementation of Regulation (EU) 2019/1239 of the 20th of June 2019 which establishes the reference framework for a European Maritime Single Window environment. The aim of the regulation is to facilitate maritime transport and to reduce the… Continue reading European Maritime Single Window

Always at your side

Even in this complex moment, Elman is always at your side, committed to designing and developing new solutions for the protection of life at sea. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=alcNY3TFAhY No matter what storm you face, we will always be at your side.

Nador VTS System

ELMAN is in charge of the maintenance of the port VTS system of the port of Nador (Morocco). The aim of the project is to provide maintenance and support services, for a period of three years, to cover the existing VTS system originally provided by Transas. The list of equipment, software and services provided by… Continue reading Nador VTS System

Mohammedia VTS System

ELMAN has carried out the refurbishing and updating of the VTS port system at the port of Mohammedia (Morocco). The aim of the project was to refurbish the existing VTS in the Port of Mohammedia and provide maintenance services. As a main sub-contractor Elman has replaced the old VTS software (from Indra) with the Pelagus… Continue reading Mohammedia VTS System

New MPO-1164

Elman presents the new VoIP terminal mod. MPO-1164. The terminal, together with its big brother TPO-1164, is part of the NaVIS platform: the Elman solution for integrated on-board communications (ICS).   The MPO-1164 terminal is ideal for installations on board open patrol boats or RHIBs, thanks to its reliability and compactness, the possibility of PoE… Continue reading New MPO-1164

Kenya National AIS Network

Elman has designed and provided the Kenyan National AIS Network, funded by EU CRIMARIO (Critical Maritime Routes Indian Ocean). The new system has been presented on the 18th of December in Mombasa. The system is composed by 4 remote sites, equipped with AIS Base stations, and National Control Centre server, placed in Mombasa, hosting the… Continue reading Kenya National AIS Network