ELMAN is now part of the NMEA

NMEA 2023

We are honored to share that ELMAN is now part of the NMEA – National Marine Electronics Association. As always ELMAN actively pays attention to the technological evolution and keeps its equipment updated to the most advanced standards!   About NMEA The National Marine Electronics Association, is a worldwide, member based trade organization revolving around… Continue reading ELMAN is now part of the NMEA

VTS France System


The Factory Acceptance Tests of the PELAGUS VTS integrated system for France were successfully concluded in the presence of the supervisors of the “La Direction Générale des Affaires Maritimes, de la Pêche et de l’Aquaculture (DGAMPA)”. The platform, developed by ELMAN, will play a key role in the French National ship traffic monitoring system SYSNAV;… Continue reading VTS France System

MLSP 23 Workshop


ELMAN is honored to be the main sponsor of the 33rd IEEE International Workshop on Machine Learning for Signal Processing – IEEE MLSP 2023 – in collaboration with the Faculty of Engineering of La Sapienza University of Rome. It will be the chance to unveil the newest Machine Learning modules of the PELAGUS suite, for… Continue reading MLSP 23 Workshop

World Marine AtoN Day

World AtoN Day 2023

Elman attended the 5th edition of the IALA World Marine AtoN Day: WAtoN Day 2023. The principal objective for WAtoN Day is to bring to the attention of the wider public the role of Marine Aids to Navigation and the significance of IALA’s technical work in enhancing the safety of navigation worldwide. The event was… Continue reading World Marine AtoN Day

World Maritime Rescue Congress

WMRC 2023

ELMAN will take part in the World Maritime Rescue Congress to be held in Rotterdam (Netherlands) from 18 to 20 June. The theme for WMRC 2023 will be “Towards sustainable maritime SAR (Search and Rescue) – building on our history to secure our future”, which will enable participants to benefit from lessons learnt, whilst getting… Continue reading World Maritime Rescue Congress

ELMAN at 20th IALA Conference


ELMAN will be present at the IALA International Conference, now in its 20th edition. The theme of the conference and seminars will be “Marine Aids to Navigation – Innovation for a Sustainable Future“. The conference will be held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, from May 29 to June 02. ELMAN will also be present as… Continue reading ELMAN at 20th IALA Conference

AIS system for the French Government

Elman has completed, within the allotted time and with positive results, the in-house testing phase of the new “AIS LSS” system for the French Government. “AIS LSS” (Automatic Identification System – Logical Shore Station) system provides the monitoring of AIS data throughout the entire French national territory. Once the project is completed, the AIS LSS… Continue reading AIS system for the French Government

ELMAN at 1° AHMC Seminar


ELMAN will take part in the first Seminar of the African Harbour Masters Committee: AHMCS 2023. For many years ELMAN has been collaborating with the authorities responsible for the safety of life at sea in African countries. It is no coincidence that ELMAN is present with its systems in Morocco, Libya, Algeria, Angola, Egypt, Kenya,… Continue reading ELMAN at 1° AHMC Seminar

New eMUS terminal


ELMAN presented the new eMUS terminal for VoIP communications centralization systems. The operator terminal allows remote control of traditional radio equipment (HF, VHF, UHF). The operator can interact with the resources thanks to the support of a touch-screen display. The terminal allows point-to-point communications with other operators connected to the network, radio communications, telephone calls… Continue reading New eMUS terminal

Port of Aden VTMIS

Port of Aden VTMIS

ELMAN has successfully completed the project activities for the supply and installation of the Vessel Traffic Management Information System (VTMIS) for the control tower of the port of Aden (Yemen). The list of equipment, software and services provided by ELMAN includes: – Supply and installation of two AIS base stations (ELMAN ABT-1103 + BCS-1135) –… Continue reading Port of Aden VTMIS