The receiving active multicoupler of the MCR-1162 series can support up to 16 receivers in the HF band (1.5 ÷ 32 MHz).
The coupling between antenna and receivers in the distribution of the RF signal is carried out in such a way as to maintain the level of the input signal on the 16 outputs unchanged (gain 0 db ± 1 dB) and to minimize the noise.


The antenna switching matrix series, mod. RAM‐x152, has been designed and built to allow the RF switching of antennas connected to transceiver devices in the MF/HF band.
The RAM-x152 matrix also allows to manage the switching of antenna adapters and their signals, ensuring complete control over the status of the configuration.


The CSU‐1077 switching unit is a device that allows the switching of control signals between
transceiver devices that are installed in the Primary-Reserve configuration.
On the front panel there are LEDs that indicate the switching status of the signals.


The CSU-1124 is a unit that allows automatic and manual switching with the use of coaxial relays of the antenna line (and therefore of the antenna itself) between transceiver devices in the Primary-Reserve configuration.
The device allows the sharing of a single antenna between two transceiver devices up to a maximum of four independent radiant systems.