Hydrocarbon detection system in Koper

ELMAN has recently installed a system for the automatic detection of hydrocarbon leaks at sea for the Port of Koper (Slovenia).
The port of Koper is a very modern and competitive port that is increasing its traffic of goods and passengers very quickly: it has an important terminal for the storage of hydrocarbons and other chemical materials and fossil fuels, therefore the port authority is very sensitive the prevention and improvement of safety standards for navigation and the handling of goods.
The OSD (Oil Spill Detection) system is based on a consolidated technology which, by analyzing in real time the radar reflection data on the sea surface, is able to determine probable oil spills, also calculating the size of the area and the direction of movement of the spill.
ELMAN has also developed an additional module for the transmission and centralization of alarms (early warning) on ​​the PELAGUS web platform, for the remote management, via web, of the OSD system information.
ELMAN has selected, for this system, the products and services of Italian and Slovenian companies with high technological value and has followed all the phases of the project, from the analysis of the requirements, to the tuning and testing.