The on-board Communications Centralization System or Integrated Communication System (ICS) developed by ELMAN is a distributed system, based on VoIP technology and created for a specific application on Naval Units of the Navy and other armed forces.


The system offers the following services:

– internal communications between VoIP terminals (TPO-1164 and MPO-1164)

– external communications between VoIP terminals and users of a PABX network

– remote control with complete management (audio and control) of traditional transceivers

– messaging between VoIP terminals.


For internal communications, the system is able to establish multiple conference connections (multicast type) between various stations, a broadcast connection (point-to-multipoint) or multiple single connections between two operators.

For external communications, the system is able to connect the operator to the available radio devices.



The system consists of the following elements:

TPO-1164 and MPO-1164 operator terminals

DRG-110 radio gateway interface

– LAN connection/distribution network

– Management server

– Communications Recorder


The system can interface with external modems, encryption modules, PA-GA networks.