Mobile Control Tower

Torre mobile MMI

ELMAN provided a Mobile Control Tower to support the flight activities of the Grottaglie Aircraft Station of the Italian Navy.

The need arises from the Navy’s requirement to acquire a mobile Operations Center, capable of being used on the grounds of the Grottaglie military airport, during flight crew training activities, or outside of it during military operations.

The mobile tower can be transported by road or airborne and can be raised to a height of 6 meters or 3 meters, selectable during deployment.

The cabin is equipped with three operating stations, equipped with ELMAN TPO-1164 VoIP terminals, from which it is possible to control the devices in the VHF/AM, VHF/FM, UHF and HF bands, installed inside the cabin itself.

From the same terminals it is possible to manage a Public Address system which allows communication with the external areas in front of the tower.

Moreover the operations of the mobile tower can be supported by a traffic light indicating runway availability, a meteorological station, an alarm siren and two external video surveillance cameras.

All the communications and video recordings performed are automatically stored and made available for later playback.

The mobile tower can also be put into service in areas without external electricity supply, using the diesel generator set integrated into the transport trailer.

Torre mobile MMI radio