Mohammedia VTS System

ELMAN has carried out the refurbishing and updating of the VTS port system at the port of Mohammedia (Morocco).

The aim of the project was to refurbish the existing VTS in the Port of Mohammedia and provide maintenance services.
As a main sub-contractor Elman has replaced the old VTS software (from Indra) with the Pelagus VTMIS software (one operator position) and integrated the existing sensors, i.e. 1 Magnetron Radar X-band (Consilium Selesmar) , 1 Weather Station (Vaisala), 2 Electro-Optical System (SR7), 1 Radio Direction Finder (RhoTheta).

Elman has also supplied one new AIS Base Station (ABT-1103 + BCS-1135) and 3 VHF Radios (RTV-1159), together with the Elman VoIP terminal VISus for the remote management of Voice communications directly from the operator position.
The project also included the integration of the VTS to external systems, notably the AS400 (Central Port Information System) of the end-customer (Agence Nationale de Ports).