New POINT in Pomezia

The meeting between the Mayor Adriano Zuccalà, the Deputy Mayor Simona Morcellini, the Councilors Luca Tovalieri, Miriam M. Delvecchio, Federica Castagnacci and Giuseppe Raspa took place with some of the most important companies in the Pomezia area: Slamp, Clax Italy, Cesare Fiorucci, IRBM, Leonardo, P&G, Errebian, Italpepe, ELMAN, ABB, Colavita, Redbox, Trombetta, Zoomarine. The Associazione Pomezia Albergatori (APA) was also present at the table.
POINT (Pomezia Open Innovation Team) was born from the meeting of these important realities.

The common goal is to systematize the vital energies of the territory to launch Pomezia towards a future of innovation and participation in which business, culture, tourism, school and the environment constitute precious assets and energy vehicles.

Press release from the Municipality of Pomezia follows:

– Municipality of Pomezia