ELMAN has designed and developed an integrated software solution for RIS (River Information Services). This solution, called RIVUS, allows the authorities responsible for the control of inland waters to have full awareness of the situation and river traffic.

RIVUS allows the collection, processing, storage, display and distribution of data originating from multiple sources and sensors related to boat tracks and, more generally, to river data. The flexible web user interface of RIVUS assists operators in monitoring and managing river traffic, helping them in identifying relevant events.


The RIVUS system developed by ELMAN provides a single integrated platform that includes the following modules:

– Vessel Tracking and Tracing System (VTT)

– Notices to Skippers (NtS)

HULL DB of European boats

– Lock Management System (LMS)

– Electronic Reporting International (ERI)

Inland ECDIS Management



The RIVUS SOA approach facilitates the integration of different types of data from external sources and sensors as well as the integration of heterogeneous external databases (VTS , logistic systems, excavation monitoring systems, etc.). RIVUS can also process, correlate and detect inconsistencies in the data. RIVUS includes specific software modules to manage AIS networks and Base Stations, including the support of virtual MMSI and AtoN and the management of safety messages.
With RIVUS it is also possible to distribute all or part of the data collected to users and external systems, according to specific policies and configurations.

The solution RIVUS is used by Italian RIS Authority (AIPo and Sistemi Territoriali) for monitoring the navigation in the waterway system of northern Italy.