The Software Department in ELMAN has been in operation for 15 years and has become the backbone of the solutions developed by the Company.

The experience acquired in the field has produced high-performance and reliable systems that are increasingly being adopted by Italian and foreign administrations, becoming a standard reference for the sector.

In the continuous desire to evolve and improve its systems, ELMAN constantly invests in the adoption of cutting edge technologies. Our monitoring and control platforms already incorporate predictive algorithms, pushing towards what in recent years is the frontier of Neural Networks in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Our solutions are aimed at facilitating the activities of the personnel in charge of maritime traffic control.
ELMAN has already developed technologically advanced tools capable of assisting and making the activities of the operators more efficient through Decision Support tools.

Among these important tools there are:

– modules to minimize the response time in critical contexts

– modules for automatic identification and classification

– machine learning modules for the analysis of scenarios and the detection of anomalous dynamics

– tools for predictive analysis aimed at avoiding collisions and accidents

– modules for early warning
The software platforms developed by ELMAN handle millions of data regarding maritime traffic every day.
This information has been collected and archived over the years by the various administrations in charge, constituting today a huge database which can be analyzed to obtain deeper knowledge of what are the maritime routes, the naval traffic, the most frequent problems, the causes of accidents, navigation times and so on.

Knowing and analyzing this large amount of data, Big Data Analysis, allows to optimize the processes of all those involved in the maritime sector.

The aim is to simplify the management of activities for maritime authorities, ports, companies and sailors in general. Optimizing means requiring fewer resources, reducing latency times, reducing unnecessary costs and reducing the environmental impact.

The collection and exchange of this information, sometimes sensitive, between the various networks requires a carefully reasoned design, which guarantees the protection and integrity of the data. This is why ELMAN focuses heavily on the security of the systems built.

In an era in which data exchange on the network cannot be separated from Cyber ​​Security, ELMAN, working side by side with administrations all over the world, is already designing solutions capable of countering threats and implementing strategies for mitigating the effects of cyber-attacks.
Our history has taught us to design and develop solutions with a constant look to the future, without fear of investing in the research and with a strong belief in focusing on young minds with next generation ideas.

ELMAN, we design the future.