ELMAN has developed a Voice Communication System (VCS) communication platform, totally integrated, based on VoIP technology, with radio control functions, in a standard LAN/WAN.

The purpose of this system, called VIS (VoIP Integrated System), is to create an infrastructure capable of serving voice communications between terminals inserted in geographically distributed IP networks, but belonging to a single Virtual Private Network able to control and use HF, VHF and UHF radio equipment.

The system is also capable to manage telephone communications with numerical selection to the public PSTN network and internal communications between the various User Terminals with Instant Messaging and file exchange capabilities.


The architecture of the communication system has the following fundamental modules:

– VoIP User Terminals (VISus)

– Radio equipment

– VoIP Radio Gateway (interface between the radios and the IP network)

– Communication server (for system administration and control)



The main services offered by the VIS system include:

– Radio communications

– Internal communications

– Telephone calls

– Phone calls to radio

– Radio calls from radio

– DSC calls

– Instant messaging

– File transfer

– Call recording



ELMAN has created a terminal dedicated to VoIP communications, called VISus.