Who we are

ELMAN Srl is an Italian company characterized by an extremely high technological profile. Specialized in the design, development and implementation of telecommunications systems and infrastructures in the transport and defense field, ELMAN has been operating nationally and internationally for over 45 years.



With the aid of highly qualified personnel, cutting-edge technologies and a long term experience, ELMAN is capable of supplying a turnkey service regarding the realization of projects and throughout all the phases of the activities in which it operates.


Each project carried out is a long-term “mission” for ELMAN, supporting the customer at 360°, both on the technical side and in terms of assistance and management of the offered services. This creates a firm bond between the Company and the Customer which naturally evolves into new programs and activities; a mutually advantageous condition that is consolidated over time.


One of the specific elements that certainly distinguishes ELMAN from all other companies in the sector is the extreme flexibility: the lean organizational structure guarantees quick decisions and makes the Company very responsive to every customer need.



In recent years the new requirements in terms of international security have driven technological advances towards the development of solutions to counter growing threats in the field of protection and control of international maritime traffic. In this context, ELMAN has played an important and effective role, offering solutions aimed at maritime security and safety.



Thanks to many years of experience in the sector and the internal design of its systems, the Company has the full capability to customize products and systems, tailoring every solution according to the specific requests.


Innovative solutions offered by ELMAN in the maritime field range from navigational and communication systems for commercial and military ships to large integrated land communication systems including systems for coastal surveillance, management of maritime traffic both on shore and on rivers (GMDSS, AIS, VTS, VTMIS and so on).


The transversal expertise in the sector, consolidated over time in a multitude of countries and applications, has allowed ELMAN to specialize in the integration of any subsystem. This feature is a key point in all those situations in which the Customer needs to continue using the existing services, integrated in the new system.



ELMAN gives particular relevance to the training of the final user (operators, supervisors and maintenance personnel), transferring the necessary knowledge to make the customer independent in the management of his system. In addition, the Company has the ability to manage the logistics of the supplied systems, during the post-sales period.



ELMAN is certified under the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System (QMS) and ISO 27001:2013 Information Security Management System (ISMS), to ensure that quality and safety are at the core of all activities undertaken in project delivery.


ELMAN is an active Industrial Member of IALA and regularly participates in IALA Committee work, exhibits the technologies during IALA conferences, symposia, workshops and seminars around the world.

The realization of these systems together with the capabilities and know-how of ELMAN allow the Company to face the challenges of the 21st Century with great excitement, actively contributing to the technological development of the sector and assuring ELMAN’s position as leader in its field.