The design and construction of transceiver equipment in the MF, HF, VHF and UHF bands were the founding activities for our company, and are still a fundamental part of our activities.

Since 1975 ELMAN has experienced the evolution (revolution!) of radio-communication systems as protagonist, passing through phases and technologies that have followed one another with surprising rapidity in the last 45 years: from the first “quartz” radio equipment with the possibility of analog modulations, through silent revolution of PLL (Phase Locked Loop) technology and the most striking revolution of digital technologies, we have come to realize radio transceivers that implement refined microprocessor management and control systems, with digital signal and information processing capabilities (DSP) and able to use different types of modulation both analog and digital. 

ELMAN never neglected the importance of mechanical solidity, reliability and simplest possible maintenance.


The following specifications are common for all our present radio devices production:

  • Architecture, management and control all based on a microprocessor.
  • BITE (Built In Test Equipment) function which gives the ability to check in real time the status of the device.
  • User friendly interface.
  • Firmware stored in non-volatile memory and updatable remotely via serial port or Ethernet.
  • Extreme modularity, with very high MTBF and low MTTR.
  • Several electrical interfaces where other systems can be connected to (remote control, centralization, recording).
  • Body composed of light alloy and compliant with NAV or MIL regulations regarding shocks and vibrations. Surfaces finished with an electrolytic treatment.