ELMAN’s Vessel Traffic Services (VTS) is an integrated and scalable solution designed to ensure the safety and management of maritime traffic, monitor and protect the marine environment and support Search And Rescue (SAR) operations in the VTS area.

The system is designed to meet the IALA Recommendations for a VTS system.

The system allows to collect, process, store, show and distribute data originating from multiple data sources and sensors, relating to vessel tracks and, more generally, to marine data.



The VTS system is designed to offer the following main features:

– Management of the sensors interface (Radar, AIS, RDF, CCTV, Meteo&Hydro, VHF, SCADA)

– Traffic Picture Presentation (Operator Console)

– Database Management

– Recording and playback

– System monitoring

The system consists of a series of modules which can be adapted for each specific project.



The VTS software offers a dedicated and monitored interface that allows to adequately manage, collect and merge, in real-time, the data received from the sensors, typically installed in VTS projects, such as Radar, AIS, RDF, CCTV, Meteo&Hydro, VHF, SCADA.



The Operator Console allows personnel to perform area surveillance functions. This functionality includes all the services that support the operator in evaluating the overall traffic picture and monitoring situations of particular interest, helping him to make the most appropriate decisions.

The windows, menus, lists, buttons and icons make up the user interface, designed and composed to offer operators all the tools to manage the system correctly, in the simplest and most intuitive way. In this way, the console offers a complete and ready-to-use view of the real time scenario, an essential feature for taking actions correctly and promptly, as required by a modern context of maritime traffic control and emergency management at sea.