Since January 2005, following the award of the European tender, ELMAN has built and installed 63 AIS (Automatic Identification System) base stations in Italy for the General Command of the Italian Port Authority Corps.

This supply, necessary for the realization of the national AIS network, includes over the AIS base stations (mod. ABT-1103), also all the servers and graphic stations for graphic representation of targets on electronic cartography.

The installation of AIS PSS (Physical Shore Station) followed the station redundancy criterion, thus identifying the remote sites capable of guaranteeing full radio coverage throughout the national territory.

The servers can receive the data originating from the base stations and direct them to one or more local graphic stations to be subsequently displayed. The graphic stations show all the AIS traces, contained within a geographical area chosen by the operator, on electronic maps.
ELMAN subsequently also won the tender for the construction of the national server for the centralization of all the AIS data available in the 48 remote servers.
With the supply of servers, graphic stations, national server and base stations AIS, entirely designed by ELMAN, in accordance with the ITU, IEC and IALA guidelines, ELMAN has gained considerable experience in developing AIS systems.

In the following years ELMAN built national AIS networks in several foreign countries and supplied hundreds of AIS Base Stations.

Elman AIS base stations can also be equipped with W-AIS functionality for encrypted communications.


Mobile AIS

On the strength of the acquired experience, ELMAN also produces the AIS solution in A class for installation on board Naval Units.

Also in this case, ELMAN AIS mobile stations can be equipped with W-AIS functionality for encrypted communications.


Monitoring systems

ELMAN has also created solutions for monitoring the entire network, both in the maritime and river areas:

  • PELAGUS: Web solution for Maritime Domain Awareness
  • RIVUS: Web solution for River Information Services (RIS)