The PELAGUS VTMIS integrated web solution is designed to offer a global view of the maritime traffic situation in the area of interest, using all available sensors, to provide value-added services to vessels and increase navigation safety.
The position data collected by the sensors is processed to extract kinematic and other information related to the tracks.


PELAGUS GMDSS is an integrated and scalable software solution, designed to provide continuous monitoring and emergency identification capabilities in GMDSS A1 and A2 Marine Areas. The system allows to manage remote radio sensors in order to collect incoming DSC calls and alert operators to speed up SAR operations.


PELAGUS is a scalable software solution that meets the needs of Coastal Authorities allowing an improved awareness of the maritime traffic. PELAGUS allows the collection, processing, storage, display and distribution of data originating from multiple sources and sensors relating to vessel traces and, more generally, to maritime data.


ELMAN’s VTMIS (Vessel Traffic Management and Information System) is an integrated and scalable solution designed to ensure the safety and management of maritime traffic, monitor and protect the marine environment and support Search And Rescue (SAR) operations in VTMIS area.


RIVUS is an integrated software solution for River Information Services (RIS) that allows the authorities responsible for the control of inland waters to have full awareness of the situation and river traffic.
RIVUS allows to collect, process, store, show and distribute data originating from multiple sources and sensors relating to boat tracks and, more generally, to river data.


The NMS module is responsible for monitoring the status of local and remote system components.
The acquisition module receives the data relating to the different operating conditions of the equipment and subsystems: current status (test, maintenance, operational, unavailable) and any type of fault.