Opening ceremony for the Koper VTMIS Center

In the presence of the Slovenian authorities and the press, the new VTMIS center in Koper was inaugurated.

The system, created by ELMAN, includes the integration of the most modern sensors for the control of maritime traffic.

Specifically, there are:

  • 3 solid state radars
  • 2 long-range cameras equipped with a thermal sensor
  • AIS Base stations
  • VHF Radios
  • AtoN
  • Waves and current profiler
  • Weather sensors
  • Oil Spill Detection
  • CCTV for the video surveillance of the sites

In addition to the center and the remote sensor sites, a VTS training center has been set up.

The system takes advantage of the ELMAN VTMIS solution and the new 3D graphic module for the three-dimensional representation of ports and maritime traffic.