Elman for Italian Red Cross Society

Constantly paying attention to social issues, ELMAN has decided to take part to the “Summer Camp 2011”. The 2011 Summer Camp is a project organized by the Ministry of Youth and the Italian Red Cross. Sponsored by the Italian Government, this project is aimed at young men and women between the ages of 14 and 22:

“Campogiovani” means a week to protect the environment, help other people, and serve our Country. A week to learn useful concepts, make friends, meet great people, discover attitudes and meet the civil commitment.
[Campogiovani – Project Web site]

In particular, ELMAN has contributed to the “Summer Camp 2011”, which was held at the hostel ‘Casale dei Monaci’ in Ciampino (Rome) from 07/11 to 07/17, by donating accessories for wireless connectivity.

Each camp has covered several of the typical issues among those faced daily by volunteers serving in the Red Cross: understand how to better protect health and life, fight every discrimination and protect those who do not have any protection, improve the world around us, befriend and cooperate with other countries. All with an approach that takes place in a very informal way, to which is added the ability to make new friends, using our time in a useful manner without giving up fun.