New Warship AIS line

Elman introduces the new AIS product line which supports encrypted transmissions. The new functionalities allow to satisfy the needs of organizations such as police and military forces that want to manage the information acquired by the AIS without compromising the security of the data.

The AIS transponder AMW-1103 is fully compatible with all the functionalities of standard CLASS A transponders typically used on board vessels, and it is developed in conformity with the standard IEC 61993-2.  The AMW-1103 allows the reception of data from both vessels and AIS stations and is capable of:

  • Disable/Enable AIS transmission either using the MKD-1103 unit, dedicated external switches or through external software;
  • Transmit on a third additional channel ;
  • Encrypt transmission to allow the reception of messages only to friendly vessels/stations;

The Base Station model ABT-1103-W provides all the necessary functionalities needed for AIS land stations, in conformity with the standard IEC 61993-2, enhancing its capabilities with the Warship AIS functionalities and allowing data exchange with transponders such as the AMW-1103.

The Base Station model ABT-1103-WR3 is equipped with all the functionalities of the ABT-1103-W model with the addition of a third receiver, allowing encrypted data exchange on the third receiver.