IET Publication

The IET (Institution of Engineering and Technology) has published a study on the AIS system developed by theJRC (European Commission, Joint Research Centre), in cooperation with the General Command of the Italian Coast Guard and Elman. The study is titled “Radiolocation and tracking of automatic identification system signals for maritime situational awareness”.

The study proposes and analyzes a solution related to the issue of the validation of AIS data. This is achieved without adding additional sensors or the need of new technologies.
The method proposed allows to estimate the position and speed of the vessel analyzing the characteristics of the AIS radio signal received without using the contents of the messages.
The algorithm developed, tested on the messages received through the AIS network of the Italian Coast Guard, allows to estimate the position of the vessels transmitting to a precision of few hundreds of meters.
Elman confirms its presence and constant investment in the research which has contributed to the improvement of the safety of navigation.