Maldives communication system

In November 2016 ELMAN has successfully delivered a VHF Communication System which is part of the Coastal Surveillance System (CSS) Network for the Maldives archipelago.
The System consists of:

  • 10 Remote Sites, including 1 VHF FM IMM band transceiver, 1 VHF AM Airband transceiver, VoIP Radio-Gateways and analogue voice recording system. 7 RSs are also equipped with an AIS receiver.
  • 1 Control Centre, including 3 Operator Positions and all the necessary Servers/components to allow the following operations:
    • voice communications among operators and ships at sea in the VHF IMM band
    • voice communications among operators and aircrafts in the VHF Airband
    • voice communications towards the PSTN
    • management of DSC messages to/from the ships in the VHF band, according to recommendations ITU-R M.541 and ITU-R M.493

The RSs and CC are interconnected by means of a GFE WAN based on IP networking protocol. The use and the control of the VHF transceivers relies on an integrated communication environment based on VoIP technology.