New Operations Room for the Army Aviation Center


ELMAN installed the VIS system in the new Operations Room of the Italian Army Aviation Training Center.

The communication system includes new avionics band radios (for civil and military frequencies), HF radios, VHF radios, UHF radios, DMR radios. The radiating system, including cables and antennas, has been completely renovated.

The analogue and digital telephone lines of the barracks have also been integrated into the system.

Through the VISus terminals it is possible to access all the resources mentioned above and use them directly from the operator station, allowing centralized management of operational scenarios.

Furthermore, all communications made are recorded on the digital recorder supplied with the system.

The activities were carried out together with the company Elettro Light Srl, the contractor for all the modernization works of the Operations Room and Crisis Room of the Aviation Centre.

Since the system interfaces with the Army’s IP network, the operational exchange of radio resources between the various Aviation Centers present throughout Italy, equipped with the VIS system, will also be possible.