Port of Aden VTMIS

Port of Aden VTMIS

ELMAN has successfully completed the project activities for the supply and installation of the Vessel Traffic Management Information System (VTMIS) for the control tower of the port of Aden (Yemen).

The list of equipment, software and services provided by ELMAN includes:

– Supply and installation of two AIS base stations (ELMAN ABT-1103 + BCS-1135)

– Supply and installation of a new voice communications system (with five ELMAN RTV-1159 VHF coast stations with DSC features and 2 VISus VoIP terminals)
– Supply and activation of Pelagus VTMIS software platform (two operator station)

– Supply and installation of two X-band magnetron radars (ICS)

– Supply and installation of one Meteorological Station (Ammonit) including data logger

– Supply and installation of five AIS AtoNs (Sealite) fitted on key navigation channel markers (buoys)


The Port of Aden is one of the world’s largest natural deep-water protected harbors that operates 365 days a year. It is located at an advantageous location at the mid-way point of one of the oldest ship navigation routes between Europe and South-East and Far-East Asia. It is the perfect choice as a trans-shipment hub-and-spoke operational base creating services for feeder vessels, coastal craft and dhows, to ports in the Red Sea, the Arabian Sea, the Indian Ocean, the Gulf, South and East Africa.

The Yemen Gulf of Aden Ports Corporation (YGAPC) is the Government entity that manages, operates and supervises Ports in the western part of the Gulf of Aden.
Thanks to this project YGAPC is now provided with a modern and expandable VTMIS System to promote the safety and security of navigation in the area close to and inside Port limits.