VIS system for the Italian GdF

ELMAN has equipped all the Operations Rooms of the Air Naval Operations Departments and Air Naval Groups of the Italian Guardia di Finanza with the centralized communications system VIS.

Through the VISus terminal the operators can control and use both the radios of their own Department and those of the other Departments, communicating in clear or crypto mode. This guarantees a quicker and leaner exchange of information during operations and greater communication effectiveness.

As part of the national contract, ELMAN, in addition to integrating the existing radios and telephone lines, supplied new radios in the marine and avionics range, new terminals, new servers and new recorders and restored the efficiency of all the radiating systems of the Operating Rooms.

At the Control Center in the General Headquarter of the Guardia di Finanza, ELMAN has provided a network management system in order to supervise and direct the communication tasks, allowing a global awareness of the national communication network.