Coastal Patrol Vessel

ELMAN supplied the communications and GMDSS component for the new CPV (Coastal Patrol Vessel) Unit of the Italian Guardia Di Finanza.

The Vessel 44 meters long, about 9 meters wide, reaches a speed of 40 knots, with water-jet propulsion and 4 engines with an autonomy of up to 1500 nautical miles, equal to 48 consecutive hours at cruising speed to allow patrolling in the Mediterranean Sea.

The patrol boat will have a crew of 23 people and will be able to accommodate up to 150 people on board during rescue operations. It can also carry out firefighting operations.

The patrol vessel is also equipped with a service boat (RHIB), also equipped with ELMAN equipment, for military and recovery operations.

ELMAN has enriched the Unit with its own communications centralization system, the GMDSS system, the W-AIS system and marine and avionic band radios.