Training courses for Coast Guard personnel

In recent weeks, the technical staff of the Italian Coast Guard is taking part in an in-depth course on the communication systems used by the Corps, supplied and installed by ELMAN.
The course is held at the ELMAN headquarters in Pomezia and is focused on the SRT Italia network.
SRT is the network of remotely managed Radio Stations, used by the Italian Maritime Departments for the communications and monitoring in the sea areas of their own competence.
The system makes use of the full-IP VHF radio mod. RTV-1124 and of ELMAN VoIP VIS system.
The operators, through the terminal VISus, can make communications and manage DSC calls throughout the region of competence.
The course, organized by ELMAN at the request of the General Command of the Port Authority Corps, focuses on the latest system updates, architecture and individual elements of the network. The course also aims to train the technical personnel of the Coast Guard to enable them to carry out preventive and first level corrective maintenance on the system.
In the previous months, similar courses were held at ELMAN, relating to the national AIS network and the SRL network of Local Radio Stations.