Trento Airport

ELMAN has completed the new Operations Room at the G. Caproni Airport in Trento (IT).

The project involved the supply and installation of the new radios, the new integrated communication system, the new furnishings with related accessories and the new radiant systems.

ELMAN installed the air band radios mod. RTV-8155/A. These radios are controlled by the integrated communication system in VoIP technology, through the terminals TPO-1164. From the same terminals it is also possible to operate on the TETRA system and on the airport telephone lines.

Each communication, analogue or digital, is recorded and made available for playback in case of need.

The whole system is completely redundant to have no Single Point of Failure (SPoF).

An additional backup solution was also provided, for emergencies, with a switching unit and an analog remote control system.

The previous Operations Room was also made by ELMAN in 2001 and, after more than twenty years, the Airport Administration has re-commissioned ELMAN, confident in the reliability of the supplied systems and with the awareness that ELMAN supports and accompanies its customers over time.