Coast guard RHIB for Italian GdF

The first coastal patrol boat RHIB, capable of reaching 60 knots, has been delivered, as part of the new V1300 class of the Italian Guardia di Finanza.
These are units that make speed and maneuverability their strong point, designed for coastal control and the fight against illegal activities.
ELMAN is present on board with its own radio equipment in VHF marine-band and VHF air-band, as well as with the Integrated Communication System in VoIP technology, through which satellite calls are also made.
Moreover, ELMAN supplies the on-board W-AIS system, mod. AMW-1103, already installed on other vessels of the Guardia di Finanza, for the encrypted transmission of navigation data.
In the next few years, 16 coast guard RHIBs will be produced by Zodiac Milpro, enriching the fleet of the Guardia di Finanza.