New RTV-8155/A

ELMAN designed and manufactured a new avionic transceiver for ground-to-air communications in the 118-136.975 MHz (civilian air-band) frequency range, which supports AM and VDL-2 modulation (VHF data link mode 2). The name of this newly developed device is RTV-8155/A.
The transceiver was built entirely in digital technology.
The device also supports VDL-2 mode.

This mode allows airplanes and ground stations to exchange data automatically, such as short messages and location data, while ensuring communications between pilots and air traffic controllers.
The equipment was also designed to allow use in the extended 108-155,975 MHz frequency band, required in military applications.
Transceiver performance is state of the art for sensitivity, frequency stability, intermodulation protection and spurious emissions.
Like all the new ELMAN transceiver series, the device allows remote access via serial port or IP (Ethernet) without the need for an external radio-gateway.
During the design, great attention was paid to the respect of international standards. The apparatus complies with ETSI standards for electrical safety, electromagnetic compatibility and radio spectrum.